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Boulton Elementary building

Principal's Information

Name:  Brooke Murdock

Phone Number: 801-402-1300

Email: bmurdock@dsdmail.net

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Upcoming Events


Together we are building leaders.

Boulton Elementary's
2018-2019 School Year Theme
robot battle

Our own Officer Matt

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What's Happening at Boulton Elementary

November 7-8 

Book Fair
November 5 - 9

Begins Sept. 26
Heroes Around Us


soldier and kids

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.Albert Einstein

Boulton Elementary By The Numbers


students in Pre-K through 6th grade.

100% technology supported education and communication for students and parents

$58,496.11in total projected LAND TRUST funding for 2018-2019

95% attendance at Parent Teacher Conferences


Cash Grants awarded last year through the Davis Education Foundation