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Brooke Murdock

Hello Friends,

As the Principal of Boulton Elementary, I am excited for the 2018-2019 school year. Our theme this year is “Together We Are Building Leaders.” As educators, parents, guardians, and community members we have the great role of educating and helping our students prepare for the future. This far exceeds reading, writing, and arithmetic. Today’s students are coming from different backgrounds, all different knowledge levels, and all different ability levels. We MUST look at each student and make a growth plan for the student. Not only looking at the overall proficiency, but looking at the overall growth of each individual student.

Throughout the school year, we will work on the non-cognitive skills such as teamwork, respect, honesty, responsibility, understanding, kindness, hard work, and love for self and others. As we build leaders, we must keep in mind that “It is time to focus on our students’ emerging needs, not just our content, standards, and tests”. When these non-cognitive skills are met, the learning, growth, and leadership will follow in the proper order.

Our students will benefit greatly this year as they will be participating in our STEAM Lab. They will be working with Sphero Robots and coding. Our STEAM lab will continue to grow as the year progresses with great things happening!

I look forward to this school year, to work with great parents and our wonderful school staff, but most importantly, I look forward to working with the amazing students of Boulton Elementary. I’m blessed beyond measure because I LOVE what I do. My door is always open and here at Boulton we welcome all parents to help and volunteer in any capacity!

I hope to see you soon as “Together We Are Building Leaders!”


Brooke Murdock M. Ed.

Principal Boulton Elementary


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